Our Services

Victory offers a wide range of full-service machine and assembly work, including specialized work not found at your run-of-the-mill engine shops.

Boring Machine

* Block decking, boring and honing
* Torque-plate honing
* Align honing, including steel cap installation
* Block filling & preparation
* Crank deflashing, knife-edging, polishing, etc.
* Valve grinding
* Porting & polishing
* Sonic and mag-particle testing
* Glass beading & parts cleaning

In addition, we offer;

* BHJ O-ring fixtures for LS1, SB Ford, SB & BB Chevy, Buick 3.8l, BB Chrysler
* Torque plates for SB & BB Chevy, SB Ford, BB Chrysler, LS1 Chevy, Buick V6, as well as Oldsmobile and Pontiac V8
* BHJ Block-True & Lifter-True
* TIG welding
* Fabrication, welding and machining of custom components
* Cam bearing removal & installation
* Complete short-block & long-block assembly


Victory now has the ability to bore small block Ford engine blocks for the popular roller cam conversions.  This process of boring and honing the cam journals and installing needle roller bearings results in a near-frictionless cam installation that minimizes parasitic and windage losses on the cam.  Call Victory for more information on this new capability.


Our staff will also assemble your engine with the same Victory finesse that built our reputation. Every detail from the bottom of the pan to the very tip of the intake is scrutinized and given the utmost attention. Its those little extras that distinguish a Victory engine from your run-of-the-mill speed shop engines.

* Head assembly
* Balancing, internal or external
* Piston flycutting
* Custom oiling systems
* Complete blueprinting
* Painting & finishing
* Cylinder sleeving
Rod reconditioning

Assembly Area

Victory can also check out and break in your fresh motor on our own in-house engine dynomometer.

For those things that Victory can’t handle in-house, we have an established network of contacts. This network can provide nearly every service imagined, from custom fabrication to exotic specialty parts.

Main Shop Floor

* Crankshaft repair, refinishing and grinding
* Camshaft design and grinding
* Fabrication of intakes, headers, oil pans, etc.
* Thermal barrier coatings
* Chassis dyno & tuning

And don't forget about our nitrous filling station.

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