Mac Sherrill's IHRA Top Dragster

Need uncompromising reliability to get you through the race season? If so, then Victory is the answer. At Victory Engines, reliability is every bit as important to us as the sheer power that our motors produce. We understand that you can't win a race if you're on the sidelines putting your machine back together.  So we strive to build reliability into every motor that we assemble. Case in point; Bobby Porter. Bobby Porter's 2-barrel motor made a whopping 542 HP on our in-house dyno, but even more satisfying is the fact that Bobby ran the entire 2002 season with no more engine work than the occasional valve adjustment. This kind of reliability led Bobby to two wins at the Lorain County Speedway in only twelve starts in 2002. Congratulations to Bobby and his crew on an outstanding season.

At Victory Engines, we pride ourselves in taking that extra step required to give our customers a decided edge over their competition. When you’re out there on the racetrack, you’re giving 110% effort for the win, why should you expect any less from your engine builder? That's why at Victory no detail gets overlooked. As a matter of fact, we go out of our way to look for those little details. Our builders are meticulous in their work and treat every engine as if it were their own. The last thing that we want is to have one of our details end your race weekend. So you can be assured that…”If it was done by Victory, it was done right.”

Whether its circle track, drag strip, powerboat, or any other form of motorsports, we've got a long tradition of building winning engines. Browse around, look at our capabilities, then join the many who have experienced the Powered by Victory advantage. Mopar? Chevy? Oldsmobile? Import? Ford?  Makes no difference to us.  If it has pistons, then it has potential. Our broad and extensive experience with all brands of engines means that you'll get the edge up on your competitors.

Nitrous Filling Station

Don't forget that Victory can also meet all your nitrous needs with our own in-house filling station.  No flat filling charge only pay for what you need.

We can also order whatever parts you need your nitrous system, from big shot plate systems to the 'sneaky' small shots, we can handle it all.

Want to be part of a winning team? The Victory Racing team invites you to give us a call and see how you can become part of our team.

We hope you enjoy the Victory experience. Call us today at (216) 251-7157 to discuss your needs.

Hours of Operation

Monday 9:00am to 9:00pm
Tuesday - Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Fridays 9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Be sure to check the Victory "Special Deals" page for parts, short blocks and long blocks that are ready to go.

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