Victory's Flow Bench

Victory can handle all of your needs for head porting, assembly and flow needs. With our Superflow™ flow bench, we can provide you with all the information required to make the correct decisions on induction, exhaust, cam, fuel and timing requirements for your engine.

Flow Bench
Flow from 0 to 600 cfm
Valve lifts from 0 to 0.800+ inches
Adaptable for your special intake & exhaust needs

Our staff also has more than 50 years of combined head & intake experience. We offer full porting & polishing capabilities along with abilities to meet any of your special head modification needs. We also have extensive development experience with Chevy LS1 heads.

Valve grinding and cutting
Valve seat installation & repair
Valve guide removal, installation & honing
Combustion chamber measurement (cc'ing)
Machining for seals, rocker studs, spring pockets, etc.
Machining for intake & exhaust plate adapters, etc.
Cylinder head welding & repair
Head Assembly Area

Call Victory today to discuss all of your head and intake needs.

Victory Engines uses only the highest quality components, like high performance titanium valve train components by Victory 1 Performance.  


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