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Once your little ‘bundle of joy’ is assembled, what better way to break it in than on Victory’s in-house engine dynamometer. We can handle carbureted motors up to 1600 horsepower and 1000 ft-lbs of torque. With advanced notice, our dyno facility can handle your special fuel requirements.

Engine Dyno
MSD 6AL Ignition system with high-energy coil
Fresh-air carburetion/induction system
Wide selection of headers, bellhousings and other support parts
Adaptable to almost any fuel & oiling system
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) indication
Multi-port Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) indication

On average, Victory needs less than 4 hours to have your engine fitted to our dyno and ready to make the pulls. We have almost 20 years of engine dyno testing experience, so why trust your engine with anyone else?

Mondo Marine Engine Undergoing Testing

Mondo Marine Motor Undergoing Testing

Victory now has the capability to dyno Ford EFI motors.  This recently added capability gives our customers the ability to get actual engine power and torque data without the confusion of driveline losses experienced with chassis type dyno testing.

Ford EFI System
Aeromotive fuel system - 1000HP+ capable
Stock fuel rails or billet - we can handle both
>>YOU<< set the rev limits
Dedicated A9L EEC-IV computer & harness

We can work with customers on high performance engine management systems such as DFI, FAST (Speed Pro) and others. We can also install your custom PROM for testing with your engine. CALL FOR DETAILS

Coming Soon - Late model EEC-V systems for 4.6l and 5.4l Modular Motors.

The motor shown above is a Victory built 306ci motor using a FRPP B50 Sportsman 302 block, AFR 165 heads, AFM N61 cam and Cobra intake.  This motor cranked out an impressive 427 brake horsepower and 418 ft-lbs of torque in street trim.  How'd you like to have THAT lurking under the hood of your daily driver? It scares the hell out of us...and we built it!

Got an engine assembled by someone else? Just pulled the motor from your racecar? With Victory's engine dyno, we can explore practically any tuning or component combination you've got in mind. From simple jet or timing changes to all out cam, head or intake combinations, Victory can help you make the right choices before race day. Dyno Console

A typical dyno session starts at $575 including setup, testing and tear-down*. At Victory, we can usually have you in-and-out the door in a single day.

Call Victory today to discuss your engine dyno needs.

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*Due to the unique nature of custom dyno testing, costs may vary.  Contact Victory to discuss your needs and obtain pricing.

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